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How To: Use SendPulse to Create a Personalized Coupon in WooCommerce

By using our plugin, Urgency Coupons for Mailing Lists, you can create a personalized coupon code for each subscriber that you email. This tutorial shows you how to do this using SendPulse, a really great option for your email marketing needs. Jump to section: Step 1:...

SendPulse Support! New for Urgency Coupons for Mailing Lists

What's new in Urgency Coupons for Mailing Lists, our plugin that lets you add personalized WooCommerce coupons for each of your mailing list recipients? SendPulse support! SendPulse & WooCommerce - A Match Made In Email Heaven If you use SendPulse, and you want to...

Why We Created WP License Agent

If you're a WordPress plugin or theme developer, you need to step back and analyze how much marketplaces take from your profit. The percentages are insane, and you still have to do a ton of marketing on your own. In this quick video, I talk about how we decided to...

WPML Error: Unknown column ‘translation_priority’ in ‘field_list’

I was updating a site with WPML, which is a WordPress plugin that allows translating content between different languages, and I received the following error: Unknown column 'translation_priority' in 'field_list' Well that doesn't sound good I tried dismissing it, and...
The 7 Deadly Sins of Modern Web Design

The 7 Deadly Sins of Modern Web Design

Modern web design is a field which is always evolving as new trends crop up and technology advances. What worked for a website in 1997–or even 2007—is now a bad idea for 2017. So, let’s take a look at seven of the deadliest sins when it comes to modern web design.

10 After Retirement Job Ideas

10 After Retirement Job Ideas

More and more people are deciding to continue working in some capacity after they retire. While making more money is a common reason for delaying total retirement, it is also true that a lot of people find the unstructured life of a retiree can sometimes be a bit...

Five common sense job interview tips

Five common sense job interview tips

1. Be upbeat. Do not make any bad comments about a previous employer, a previous manager, or previous co-workers. Even if you are in, or have left, an unpleasant work environment, do not share that information with a new company during a job interview. Instead, focus...

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