Many of our clients know they want an easy to update, modern website. Some clients may even already know they want to use WordPress as a platform. But not many clients know what theme they want to use. There are quite literally thousands of options—what theme is best for your business?

We firmly believe Divi, the featured theme of Elegant Themes, is the best option for the majority of websites.

What is a theme?

In case you didn’t know, WordPress is a content management system based around the use of themes. In the most basic terms, a theme is a bunch of custom coding and unique features which changes the look of your website as well as its behind the scenes options.

What makes Divi stand out?

There are three main features which make Divi the king of the hill when it comes to innovative web design: accessibility, customization, and ongoing support.

While all WordPress websites are customizable to an extent, some themes—such as Divi—can be made extremely unique; no two Divi websites really look alike. This is thanks to its extremely versatile coding and design options.

And while all themes have unique features, Divi makes it easy for you to go in and update any text or images once we have the design in place.

We’ll take a closer look at each of these elements below.

Divi is constantly getting updates

One issue you can run into with a theme is if the developer stops supporting it, it will eventually become obsolete. Lots of themes end up abandoned and they don’t work with new WordPress versions, leaving you with no choice but to pick a new theme and do a complete site redesign.

With Divi, this is unlikely to happen anytime in the near future. It is backed by a big, successful company, Elegant Themes, and is their feature theme. This means Divi gets a lot of love from its developers. On top of that, Divi is constantly getting bug fixes, improvements, and brand-new features added, free of charge.

Divi makes it easy to modify content

Perhaps the best part of Divi is the fact it is built from the ground up to be accessible. This means once we have the technical design and coding of your site in place, it is easy for you to go in and change any text or images you want. This both gives you creative control of your website and saves money in the end—you won’t have to contact us each time you want something simple changed!

We make sure to carefully label every module on the backend editor so all it takes to change things is a few clicks.

Divi provides the ultimate in website customization

With Divi, it is possible for your designer to make your website look literally however you want while still taking advantage of the convenience of WordPress.  Many Divi websites don’t even “look” like they were built on WordPress at all—they’re that customizable!

And there are no limits to what Divi can do. Built into the theme are awesome, modern features such as image sliders, galleries, contact forms, testimonials, videos, social media integration, and shop grids.

The best part is, if Divi’s already robust selection of options aren’t already up to the task, Divi is built with virtually unlimited custom coding options. This allows us to bend the theme to suit a variety of needs and results in no two Divi websites looking the same.


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Steve Talley

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