Get your website off the ground in a week!


One page layout
Responsive multi-screen design
Basic SEO
Custom images as needed for design
One contact form


Beautiful, affordable start-up package.


  • Up to three pages with custom designs
  • Responsive multi-screen design
  • Basic SEO
  • Custom images as needed for design
  • One contact form




  • Branding integration
  • Up to five pages with custom designs
  • Responsive multi-screen design
  • Basic SEO
  • Custom images as needed for design
  • Up to three contact forms
  • Basic blog
  • Social media integration
  • Background removal from one photo


Get everything for a great price.


  • E-Commerce Store OR a Membership Site
  • Branding integration
  • Up to eight pages with custom designs
  • Responsive multi-screen design
  • Basic SEO
  • Custom images as needed for design
  • Up to five contact forms
  • Advanced blog
  • Social media integration
  • Background removal from up to three photos
  • Post-launch support
  • Admin documentation
  • Logo (if needed)
  • Mailing list integration

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Individual Features

The following can be purchased separately or as add-ons to any of the above packages.



If you want additional pages added beyond what our packages offer, you can purchase as many as you want for an additional fee.


Basically “the manual” for your site, our admin documentation tells you in simple terms how to make changes you may need to maintain your site—mostly changing text and images in various places, so you don’t have to hire a developer every time you want to change some wording around.

BASIC SEO – $250

We will employ—and teach you how to maintain—good basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles which make it easier for your site to be found. We provide site maps, meta text, and popular plugins like Yoast which make SEO maintenance a snap.

BLOG – $500

Even if your site is not centered around a blog, it can be beneficial to have one. Blogs help your site to be found if you post occasional relevant articles about your field of expertise. This feature will add a quality blog with the same design as the rest of your site which you can add posts to at your leisure.


Our basic forms contain three fields (name, email, comment box) whereas advanced forms can contain as many fields as you wish, including conditional questions which change based on input. We can also send confirmation messages to the client.

CUSTOM CODING – $100/hour

If there are special features or effects you specifically want added to your site which are not a part of the basic design, we can do it. The possibilities are limitless, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have something in mind.


Confused about how to even buy a website? We offer assistance for choosing a quality and affordable web hosting package. You are responsible for payment for your actual domain name and web hosting but we help you set it up, including setting up a custom email with your @ domain name.


Image sliders are eye-catching, full screen sections of pages where images rotate either manually or in response to clicking. They can be hugely effective in drawing interest to your site. We make beautiful, high quality image sliders which draw viewer interest.


We use MailChimp and our base package comes with two great looking templates you can use again and again (one for special announcements and one for a regular newsletter), in addition to automation which allows you to offer a free automatic download to entice new subscribers.


We’ll design and set up an attractive pop up for your site to get people to sign up for your mailing list. Multiple styles available: Pop-up after a set period of time; slide up anchored to lower right; pop-up after scrolling to bottom of page.


We can show your photos in stunning photo galleries in a few different styles, including the most popular – a full-screen grid with up to 16 photos. We’ll handle all the image sizing and optimization for you.


Price Per Platform. All of our websites with blogs come with sharing options for popular social media platforms by default. However, we can also integrate features from your personal social media account(s) to more dramatic effect, such as having your Twitter feed or Instagram photo roll featured on your website.


If you encounter any issues with your site, or need anything or added or changed to your site after it’s completed (such as additional features or new plugins added), we charge by the hour for established clients—if what you want isn’t listed here separately.


INCLUDED in all packages! Responsive design means your website will look great no matter if it’s viewed on someone’s home computer, phone, or tablet. Since your site has a huge chance of being seen for the first time on a mobile device, our responsive design will make sure your site looks professional and is easy to read on all devices.


Price per site. It is important to keep your site up to date since themes and plugins are constantly receiving updates for security and performance. If you don’t want to bother with it, we can do it for you. We will go through your site every month and make a backup to ensure nothing goes wrong before updating everything.


We offer the following two major upgrades which take your project from a “normal” website to having a specialized function.

NOTE: Our Premium package automatically comes with a choice between one of these upgrades. 


Make your site a membership site with content locked behind a paywall. We do online courses, premium content, and other paid content intended for members only.

ONLINE SHOP – $2,500

Add an ecommerce/online store to sell physical products (such as crafts, clothing, jewely) or online products (such as ebooks, podcasts, music). Integrates with all major payment processors such as Paypal and Stripe. We are Woo Commerce experts and can customize your shop to have anything you need.


While our packages automatically include some design elements like photos and graphics without additional fees, the following may be purchased to enhance your product.


Are you rebranding or have a new business and need a logo, fonts, and color palette to develop your unique brand? We have you covered. Our branding package comes with two logo concepts, three revisions after chosen concept, and color and font selections suited to your taste and theme.


Photos of people or objects with the background cut out are a huge part of modern design. We can professionally edit your photos to have transparent backgrounds with clean lines.


We make quality, professional logos in vector format, which means they can be displayed at any size on both your website and marketing materials. Logo design comes with two initial concepts and three revisions after the initial concept is chosen.


Quality written content can give your project a huge boost. We offer the following add-on services.

CONTENT WRITING – $0.20/per word

Know what you want your website to say, but not sure how to say it? We have professional copywriters who can provide quality written content. Just give us the basic information and how you want the message to come across and we’ll gladly flesh out your site’s content, product descriptions, FAQs, etc.

EDITING SERVICES – $0.10/per word

Quality control is important and lends an air of credibility to your message. We will be glad to have our professional editors comb through your website for errors, confusing wording, redundancy, and other common errors to make sure your message is unhindered by easy mistakes.

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