With the latest update to Urgency Coupons for Mailing Lists Pro, you can have coupons created by any action within Zapier.

This opens up a ton of possibilities, including using Klaviyo. While Klaviyo (and many other services) do not allow you to directly use webhooks, Klaviyo does work with Zapier so you can trigger a Zap to run based on a number of different scenarios.

First, you’ll need to connect your mailing list service to Zapier. You can do this by creating a new Zap, and in the first step, choose your mailing list provider.

The Zap should walk you through the process of connecting, and it will let you choose from a list of different actions. For example, you can choose to trigger the Zap when an email is added to a particular list.

In step two, you need to search for “webhook.” Choose “Webhookz by Zapier.”

In the Action Event section, choose “POST.”

In the URL field, you’ll enter the Webhook URL from your coupon. If you’re not familiar with creating coupons in Urgency Coupons, please read this article first: https://urgencycouponsformailinglists.com/help-faq/how-to-create-coupons-using-urgency-coupons-for-mailing-lists-pro/

Next, set the Payload type to “form.”

In the data field on the left side, type email and on the right side choose the email option.

Leave all of the other fields with their default values, and test your Zap. You should see a success message.

That’s it! Happy marketing!

Steve Talley

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