This plugin adds the following features, which you can turn on or off, to Contact Form 7:

  • UTM Tracking: Want to track the UTM fields of visitors who land on your site and submit a form? Turn tracking on for all forms or just one form with the [utm]tag.
  • Hover labels: if you use a placeholder, it’s turned into an iOS style hovering label above the field while the user enters the data .
  • Enhanced error or success messages: The error and success messages you define in the Contact Form 7 settings are displayed in a nicely designed lightbox. You can even change the icons shown!
  • Loading animation: When a form is submitted, a spinning icon is shown over the form letting the user know that something is happening so that they don’t repeatedly try clicking the submit button.
  • Modern CSS Form Styling: We’ve added some modern updates to the Contact Form 7 form styles so they look a lot better “out of the box.” You can easily turn this off if you want.
  • Redirect pages: Add a redirect page easily with the [redirectpage] tag. This uses fully supported methods in Contact Form 7 v5+.
Steve Talley


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